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Dugout Chatter Podcast Powered by Stick & Ball TV

Jan 29, 2020

We are heading back behind the dish for this week’s episode, connecting with one of Stick and Ball TV’s own featured coaches but also an individual that embodies what we are all about inside this community as we welcome in The Catching Guy himself Todd Coburn. We walk inside a conversation that covers most everything you’ll need to know to improve yourself behind the plate as we spend time on receiving, blocking and throwing, allowing Todd to cover his key components but also offering some of his favorite drills in all three of these areas. Plus we chat about leadership behind the plate and the various touch points from in-game to in the dugout to inside the locker room. We also cover improving flexibility and mobility making this a dream episode for any catcher and catching coach who needed some details to guide their development – you hit play on exactly the right episode!