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Dugout Chatter Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

What an absolute treat it is to welcome in the long toss legend himself, Alan Jaeger from Jaeger Sports joins our call and we throw the time clock away on this one! Alan has spent so much of his career championing the mental game, working to educate and build confidence with the coaching community to bring mental practice into our training environments and we double down on this mission inside this show. Buckle in as we Alan details out for us his definition and pillars of the Mental Game, he defines what this practice would look like and even sound like as Jaeger spells out a basic script that coaches and players can follow and even takes us through a real time guided meditation live on the air! Plus more insight into understanding and committing to the process all in an effort to better prepare our players for the challenges of the game itself. An instant Certified Audio Gold episode and one that you need to stick around all the way until the end for…