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Jan 15, 2020

What an absolute treat to connect with these two guys, both representing the Los Angeles Dodgers organization with the Assistant Farm Director and Coordinator of Skill Development Shaun Larkin and one of LA’s top prospects Gavin Lux that we all saw break through this past September in a major way for the boys in blue. Lark lives in a constant state of challenging himself and the status quo, always in search of the better way and Lux brings the same hunger and desire as well so we walk through both of their journeys and discoveries along the way plus we double down on Gavin’s growth as a person and a player, talking his internal cues and obstacles that he has overcome in his short career. Lark details the Dodgers’ plan to promote not only player development but also staff and personal development as well, adapting to the current demands of the game and the mental skills needed to find success.